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Lakeland Hills Homeowners Association
2022 Annual
"Spring Walk-About"
May 21 & 22 


Volunteers from our HOA will be doing the annual Architectural Committee "Spring Walk-About" the weekend of May 21 - 22 2022.

Here are a few things they will be looking for:

  • Garbage, Recycle, or Yardwaste - no cans/recepticals should be in front of the house or visible from the street (exception - on the day of collection)

  • Vehicle Parking - no vehicles parked on lawn or landscaped areas.  All vehicles must be parked on driveway, street, or designated hard surface areas

  • Weeds - in flowerbeds, in the grass, in cracks in the driveway and sidewalks; this includes streetside curbing

  • Fencing - broken, damaged, and/or otherwise in need of repair

  • Moss - on the roof and on landscaping bricks

  • Overgrown Trees and shrubs  - that impede the sidewalks

  • Gutters - have they been cleaned?

  • Driveway/Sidewalk - have they been pressure washed?

    The purpose of the walk-about is to keep our community looking great. If you receive a letter from the association and have questions, need further clarification, or additional time to address the problem, please contact a Board Member.

    Also: Before starting any exterior modifications to your home, including exterior painting, patio or walkway installation, brick work, porch remodeling, tree removal, planter alterations, major landscape modifications and/or garage door replacement, please remember to first submit an application to the Architectural Committee for review.  (use the below link to access the Application for Alterations) 

Architectural Control - Application for Alterations

PMB #260, 1402 Lake Tapps Parkway SE, Suite F104, Auburn, WA 98092